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6 Must-Try Cricut Projects for Christmas in 2023

Every year, we all eagerly wait for Christmas. I personally love this festival because I make a lot of Cricut projects for Christmas. For this, I use my Cricut Maker 3 or sometimes Cricut Joy. I like creating things like unique crafts that make the day special for everyone.

Besides, it was my childhood memory that made me a professional crafter. Now, I have been helping people create their craft for more than 6 years. As a craft expert, I want to help you with unique Christmas Cricut project ideas to elevate your holidays.

Before you proceed with ideas, you must have at least one Cricut cutting machine, such as Cricut Maker, Explore, and Joy. Above all, there are some basic supplies that you will always need while working on DIY projects. Excited? So, let’s start!

1.  Stockings

Are you looking for a way to personalize your stockings? These little red-colored stockings, I made using infusible ink. If you have a newborn baby, it will look amazing. Regarding the main supplies, I used EasyPress 2, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut SVG files, and a fine-point blade. These four supplies are the main items that you must include before you work on this project.

2.  Coasters

This coaster is my favorite because I can use it all year. Moreover, I always made some pieces of extra coasters so that I could give them to someone who wanted them. The material I used for this coaster is Infusible Ink. Such stunning Cricut projects for Christmas must be included in anyone’s project list or ideas for Christmas projects.

In contrast to the design, I added graphics similar to a Christmas tree with a night light effect in the background. So, last year, I gifted this to my cousin, and she was happy after having these coasters. Now, she can keep this mug on this coaster, avoiding the marks on her study table.

3.  Gift Card

Being a DIYer, I am always given a task to find out the Christmas Cricut project ideas. So, last year, I made this Christmas gift card. It looks simple and good-looking. But, I don’t prefer to make personalized gifts too fancy, which costs much. However, I made this gift using my Cricut Explore Air 2. If you want, you can also go with another model of cutting machines such as Maker or Joy. 

4.  Surprise Paper Cone X-Mas Tree

Do you want to give someone a surprise? Try this cone full of chocolates or candy and gift them to anyone you love. However, you can also fill them with gifts instead of using chocolates only. Hence, it would be a great gift for children as they like surprises so much.

Despite these things, you need to create a sticker using vinyl, and you can use the Cricut maker to write a name on the bottom of the cone. Moreover, you will need a Cricut-cutting machine to cut the bottom part of the cone.

5.  Windows Decals

If you didn’t find anything interesting from the above Cricut projects for Christmas, then you will like this Windows decal. In addition to the decals, I added various snowflake decals using removable vinyl. So, when you want to remove them, you can do so easily. This way, you can decorate your home without applying anything permanently.

6.  Star Paper Wreath  

Now, it is time to get the most out of your Cricut cutting machines. Make this 3-dimensional star paper wreath, which looks simple and beautiful. This personalized star wreath is going to add a stunning look to your wall or where you put it. Since Cricut is greatly capable of cutting and folding paper, you can try making this wreath as part of your Cricut projects for Christmas. 


Throughout this blog, I have discussed 6 Christmas Cricut project ideas to try this year. These ideas include a Star Paper wreath, window decals, Surprise Paper Cone X-Mas Tree, Christmas Gift Card, and Christmas  Coasters. Using these ideas, you will definitely make your Christmas holiday special for yourself or everyone. For these projects, I used my Cricut Maker 3 machine. But Cricut Joy is also capable of handling many of the tasks, especially when your project size is small.


Question 1: What projects can I make for Christmas using Cricut?

Answer: There are various Christmas DIY ideas you can try this year. Making these DIY projects on a Cricut cutting machine is easily possible. Below are some Christmas DIYs you must try:

  1. Countdown Clock
  2. Santa Plate
  3. Christmas Gnomes
  4. Wooden Gingerbread House Christmas ornaments
  5. Circle Punched Paper Christmas Tree
  6. Candle Holders
  7. Pillow Covers
  8. Candy Cane Marquee

Question 2: What are some Cricut Christmas table decorations?

Answer: The table is a center of attraction on every special occasion. Hence, you should make it as attractive as possible. To make it possible, you can try the following table decoration ideas:

  1. Santa Tray
  2. Elf Lollipop Holder
  3. Table Decor
  4. Celestial Name Place   
  5. Napkin Holder
  6. Christmas Tree Place Names
  7. Moon & Star Napkin

Question 3: What are the Christmas Cricut ideas to sell?

Answer: Christmas is the perfect time to sell anything and make money. Hence, you need a Cricut cutting machine along with Cricut accessories and supplies. Now, let’s have a look at the below Christmas Cricut ideas that can sell easily: 

  1. Gift baskets
  2. Holiday jewelry
  3. Gift card holder
  4. Digital Christmas files
  5. Christmas ornaments
  6. T-shirts

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